Drinkmate Spritzer

Drinkmate Spritzer is the NEW hand-held carbonation gun for cold drinks. Inherits the patented technology from Drinkmate, Spritzer carbonates any beverage, including water, juice, iced tea, sport drink or coffee, wine, cocktails, beer and more. From the kitchen to the campground, it's easily portable and a blast to use!  So take the fun anywhere, and sparkle whatever you'd like.

The standard kit comes with one 0.5L BPA-free plastic bottle, two refillable and exchangeable 3oz food grade CO2 cylinders (capable to sparkle up to 32 half-liter bottle beverages). The Spritzer adopts all spare components from Drinkmate, including large 60L CO2 cylinder, plus it can be converted into a counter top version with a stand (sold separately, SKU#: 420-02-STD).


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