3OZ Beverage Grade CO2 cylinder - Twin pack for Exchange (Return User ONLY!)

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2pc - 3oz food grade CO2 cylinders for Exchange are for clients currently using the DrinkMate or Spritzer and would like to exchange for their two empty cylinders. This offers a total 6oz of CO2 (capable of making up to 32 half-liter drinks from a standard Spritzer kit).  If you do not have two empty 3oz cylinders on hand for return shipment, please do not order this!! (order the new twin pack or 6pack first, instead).

    The procedure of ordering and exchanges:

    1. Once all cylinders empty out, please purchase by click this offer online (Return User ONLY!). Please input a correct name, address and email account for communications with iDrink.

    2. After placing your order, our secured system will receive the order and will email you a pre-paid return shipping label in order to ship the empty ones back. 

    3. You print the return shipping label and put on the return package (use the same box that the cylinders were shipped in), and drop it off to a UPS location.

    4. Once iDrink receives the empty cylinders, 2pc filled CO2 cylinders will be shipped to you.

    This is a way, you can keep using your device. You may receive CO2 cylinders with iSoda brand labels on them for some orders, they are totally compatible. This offer is designed for (but not limited to) Spritzer users who obtain two 3oz cylinder already and need to exchange! For users who want to have more 3oz CO2 cylinders on hand, please consider the 6-pack, or the large 14.5oz (60L) cylinders from our store.


    Items shipped to Canada or Mexico DO NOT include duty, tax, or other fees. These will be charged by carrier upon delivery!