Drinkmate - Spritzer portable soda maker - Carbonate Any Beverage Machine

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CARBONATE ANYTHING: Unlike competitors, Drinkmate Spritzer directly carbonates any beverage. water, iced tea, juice, even wine and cocktails! It sparkles them all.

PORTABLE & EASY: Completely portable with no counter space required. Keep it in your bag and make fresh sparkling water or drinks anywhere. Take it with you to barbeques, camping, on the road, or anywhere you like. The Drinkmate Spritzer is easy to operate. Easy to clean, and easy to store. No electricity or batteries required.

INCLUDES CO2 CARTRIDGES: Includes two 3 oz CO2 carbonator cylinders that make up to 32 bottles of sparkling beverages. 3 Oz CO2 cartridges can be easily ordered online and shipped to your door and 60L industry standard CO2 cylinder can be bought at stores nationwide.

HEALTHY: Unleash your creativity in crafting healthy, delicious, low calorie, low carb drinks. You choose the flavors and the ingredients so that you can have the taste you want, and the healthiest ingredients.

FUN TO USE: Drinkmate Spritzer is a blast and truly easy to use.

International Shipping Notice

Items shipped to Canada or Mexico DO NOT include duty, tax, or other fees. These will be charged by carrier upon delivery!  

We may ship Spritzer to other listing countries without two 3oz CO2 included and give you a $15 refund. if you order a standard Spritzer kit. You may use Spritzer with Standard 60L CO2 purchased locally

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